Shop Coffeyville e-Card

Introducing the Shop Coffeyville Card

Keep Spending Local with the Shop Coffeyville Card

Coffeyville Chamber of Commerce is rolling out the new Shop Coffeyville Card to make it easy and convenient for our community to keep local dollars with local businesses. This new Community eGift Card program is all digital and easy to use at multiple locations across Coffeyville.

How It Works

It’s simple. Purchase the Shop Coffeyville Card online, choose an amount, and it will be delivered by email or text message. Want to deliver your electronic gift card to the recipient in person? Simply choose “print for hand deliver.” Purchasers can also track when the gift is received and redeemed.

This new gift card program, which delivers gift cards via email or text message, offers several benefits to customers:

  • The Shop Coffeyville Card vendor, Yiftee, sends monthly reminders via email and/or text message to help customers remember they have the gift card available for use.
  • The balance of a Shop Coffeyville Card is listed directly on the card and is updated as the card balance is depleted.
  • Purchasing cards is fast, personalized and instantaneous – great for last-minute gifts.
  • Funds are immediately available (no need to wait for physical card to be mailed)
Where to Spend Your Shop Coffeyville Card

The Shop Coffeyville Card is accepted at participating merchants in Coffeyville. Vendors are always being added, so be sure to check back frequently to make sure your favorite restaurant or retailer accepts the Shop Coffeyville Card.

Click on the Shop Coffeyville link to discover:
  • A full list of participating merchants AND a map
  • To learn more about how the e-card works and FAQ’s
  • To discover how your business can sign up
  • Or to purchase your e-card today!


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