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Perkins Building
The Perkins Building

Listed on the National and Kansas State Register of Historical Places.

The Perkins Building, AKA The Condon Bank, is one of two banks that the infamous Dalton Gang attempted to rob in 1892, and is the most recognizable building in Coffeyville. It was built in 1890 and became home of the Condon Bank, plus other offices and retail stores.

Luther Perkins used the design of a similar structure built in Time Square in New York. The “Flat Iron Building” design referred to its unusual shape and the use of metal on the fascia of the building. Its unique wedge shape, which conformed to the tapering of the plaza block, and its placement at the junction of three streets with a vista in five directions, made it a focal point of town. Besides the building, Luther Perkins contributed a great deal to the Coffeyville Area. He ran a hardware business, was involved in real estate, was the City Clerk from 1873 to 1877, and established the first long distance telephone service in Montgomery County linking Coffeyville to Independence and Cherryvale. He also served as a city judge.

The Condon Bank was established in 1886, moved into the Perkins Building shortly after completion and remained until 1916.  Through the years the building has been home to various businesses…most notably the Condon Bank, Mr. Perkins offices, a feed store at the North end of the building that was eventually torn down, an opera house upstairs, a restaurant, Embree Morgan Insurance Co., and the Dalton Museum.

The City of Coffeyville purchased the building in 1972. In 1989, Leadership Coffeyville formed “Coffeyville Pride” to undertake the restoration of the Perkins Building and various other projects in the Coffeyville area. One of the most significant contributions to the restoration project came through a grant from the Kansas State Historical Society Heritage Trust Fund in the amount of $50,000. Coffeyville Pride raised $4,000 through various fund raising projects, Condon national Bank contributed $6,000 and the City of Coffeyville contributed about $95,000 to the project.

The exterior work began in the spring of 1992 and was completed for the 100th anniversary of the Dalton Raid on October 5, 1992.  The renovation of the interior of the structure continued until its completion in 1997.  The exterior of the building is pretty much the way it was in 1892. The interior was modified to accommodate more room in front of the teller’s area, construction of the air conditioning vents, replacement of the tine ceiling which came from another vintage building here in Coffeyville.

Every year this building is part of the Dalton raid re-enactments.

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