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Old Jail Death Alley
The old jail on death alley

Located in Downtown Coffeyville -  Enter Between 8th and 9th street at Walnut Street.


In 1892, five members of the Dalton Gang; Grat, Bob and Emmett Dalton,Bill Power and Dick Broadwell, turned west into the alley, rode to the end of the block and tied up their horses. Toting rifles and side arms, three members of the gang entered Condon Bank in the middle of the Plaza (Perkins Building), while the other two went across the street to the 1st National Bank. Their intent was to rob both banks at the same time. (link to Dalton information on History Tab) The gang had been recognized and a shootout ensued. In the end, the alley was the location of the death of three of the Dalton Gang and one of Coffeyville’s citizens. It is also where Emmet Dalton fell…the lone survivor of the Dalton gang. A rack of loose hay was placed against the stable on the south side of the alley. Boards were carried from the Long-Bell Lumber Yard and propped against the hay rack. The bodies of Grat, Bob, and Power were stretched out on the boards.The alley was filled with commotion as people flocked in to get a glimpse of the outlaws. Some took pieces of the gang’s clothing as souvenirs. The four bodies were photographed and eventually put in the city jail over night.

The original old jail is now located down Death Alley, west of the Perkins Building. The one story structure was abandoned after pioneer days and was used for storage by nearby stores until it was purchased through the urban renewal program by the museum board.

Today you can walk down Death Alley to the Jail. There you will find a window with a scene inside depicting what it may have looked like when the Daltons were staged there. There is also a narration of the raid that will play for you for just 50 cents.  The jail is owned and operated by the Coffeyville Historical Society.

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