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Education is a top priority in Coffeyville, Kansas and that is evident by the great quality schools in our community. Coffeyville has a state-of-the-art elementary school, along with great middle and high school facilities. Coffeyville Community College offers education for students in many fields from technical training to two year degrees that will prepare them for a four year institution. Holy Name offers a private, Catholic education for students from Preschool to 6th grade.


Public Education in Coffeyville


Community Elementary

Community Elementary School

Community Elementary is a in a brand new building completed in 2005. It is home to students Pre-K through 6th grade. Its current enrollment is over 1,000 students and it is the largest elementary school in the state of Kansas. The building was designed with great care making sure that the Kindergarten section of the building is suitable for 5-year-olds and the 6th grade wing of the building focuses on preparing these students for Roosevelt Middle School.

Roosevelt Middle School Roosevelt Middle School
Roosevelt Middle School is home to USD 445's 7th and 8th grade students. Roosevelt uses technology and innovative teaching methods to ensure that their students are ready for High School. They focus on preparing students to be academically and behaviorally ready to be a student of Field Kindley High School.
Field Kindley Field Kindley High School
Field Kindley High School is home to USD 445's 9th-12th grade students. The Field Kindley high school focuses on preparing students for whatever career path they might choose when graduating. There are several career clusters that the students may enroll in to better strengthen their skills in a particular area of interest. The school offers a variety of extra curricular activities that promote not only that students talent and abilities but also focus on increasing their self-image and their ability to work as a member of a team.
Football Coffeyville Community College
Coffeyville Community College is a local college that offers a variety of education opportunities for students seeking further education in many fields and arenas.




























Private Education in Coffeyville


Holy Name Catholic School

Holy Name Catholic School offers Preschool through 6th grade education.  The Catholic school reaches beyond religion class to emphasize the Holy Name School application of Gospel values to all subject areas at every stage of life. Lifelong faith, not mere memorization, is the ultimate goal of the Catholic educational process. To seek Truth demands teacher and learner alike to think critically, creatively, and deeply. To learn to live Truth requires a commitment to apply moral principles to the changing and challenging issues of everyday life.
Dr. Jerry Hamm Early Learning Center

The Dr. Jerry Hamm Early Learning Center offers high quality, developmentally appropriate, universal preschool to all “Tiny Twisters” in the community. This unique collaboration is facilitated by USD 445  as they partner with Head Start, Tri-County Inter-local, Four County Mental Health, and Community Health Care of SEK. The ELC is home to over 200 of Coffeyville's youngest citizens.


The facility serves homemade meals from scratch in a family style dining experience for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. There are two storm shelters within the building and a health clinic on campus to keep students and staff safe and healthy. The school has an ADA accessible playground with a poured surface so that all children may participate in an inclusive outdoor play environment.


Teachers follow a locally developed curriculum which focuses on social Emotional growth and self-regulation, academics, and overall healthy growth and development of the whole child. Curriculum is aligned Pre-K through 12th grade to insure that children are ready for the very next step in their educational journey. Interpreters are available on site.


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